Precise Tactical Analytics

New Tactical Insights

A game changer in Sports Tracking: Cutting-edge radio technology detects cm-accurate position data that enables detailled tactical analyses that have never been possible.

    Video Integration

    All in one application: Generate new insights through a combination of training/match videos and our Live Viewer with 2D position visualization.

    The relevance

    “Tactical and technical skills are the decisive elements in professional sports, as all players in professional soccer are on a very high physical level.“
    Mirko Slomka, Bundesliga Coach


    Highly precise position data is the basis for tactical analyses. Even under best conditions, GPS is not able to deliver the required accuracy. Kinexon realized that two years ago and started to develop a proprietary sensor network solution that has been awarded with several prices – and which now enables coaches to analyze various formations based on reliable data.


    The Kinexon system allows for instant insights into the tactical and technical performance of a team. Due to very high update rates, which are not possible with GPS devices, tactical mistakes are detected in real-time – and can thus be addressed promptly.

    Video integration

    Kinexon is a complementary solution to current camera tracking technologies. Coaches and players are used to analyze performance based on video data. The Kinexon position data does not only enrich the “moving images” but adds a new layer to the analysis.

    Change of direction

    One indicator that cameras cannot detect is change of directions – which play a decisive part in any kind of sport. However, it is unclear how often a player changes its direction in a game. The Kinexon data could clarify the actual requirements that an athlete needs to fulfill – allowing the coach to adjust its training.

    3rd level statistics

    The Kinexon Analytics engine turns the precise tracking data into useful analytics – that go far beyond statistics about distance covered, sprints or tacklings. In scientific projects, we develop indexes around pressing and counter attack – which shed light into complex game situations and propose clear actions.



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