DEL Stars & Skills

Munich / Mannheim – September 13th 2018

For the 4th time, the DEL Stars & Skills event took place as part of the DEL Media Days at the SAP Arena in Mannheim on September 11th 2018. In various disciplines, the fastest and most skilled players, the toughest shots and the best team among all 14 DEL clubs were determined. This year, for the first time, players were equipped with our sensors during competitions to capture real-time motion such as acceleration, speed, and distance. Selected metrics were visualized live on the video wall in the SAP Arena and on TV screens in the lounge. The data could also be tracked in our app, and the teams received a comprehensive report afterwards.

Our co-founder and managing director Dr. Maximilian Schmidt stressed in his presentation the importance of injury prevention and load management. One of the DEL teams already using KINEXON for exactly these purposes is the team Augsburger Panther.

A short overview of the KINEXON ice hockey solution:

Ice Hockey Solution

Apart from that, visualizing select metrics offers the opportunity to tell completely new stories in ice hockey and thus to make the sport even more exciting for fans. For example, an app for the audience in the stadium could give an overview of the performance of each individual player, who had most time on ice, highest speed or most shots on goal.

Official Photos Copyright: DEL/Photosharing

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