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About fitness cockpit

The fitness board is the centre where all the performance data is aggregated, analyzed and visualized. It offers coaches and staff a variety of possibilities to get profound and unprecedented insights into the health and performance of their athletes.

How does the fitness cockpit benefit your athletes?

Performance & Load Management

Intuitive documentation of training data. Real-time.

• Intelligent training management by monitoring target achievement for individual or several training sessions
• Individual milestones for player-specific analyses
• Position-specific peer comparisons
• Integration of heart rate analysis

Injury Prevention

Individual analysis of load and stress leading to a more intelligent way of training management.

• Digital consolidation of load (external) and stress (internal) data
• Individualization of player profiles by measuring and analyzing individual thresholds
• Holistic stress analysis of individual players over continuous time cycles

Return to play

Minimize the risk of consequential injuries by matching individual movement profiles.

• Conducting and evaluating regular performance analyses
• Analyzing and monitoring of performance development of injured players
• Comparison with current healthy performance levels

Get the most out of your athletes