Future of Football @ HYPE Summit

Munich / Moscow – June 20th 2018

In parallel to the opening of the FIFA Football World Cup in Russia, the HYPE Summit on the Future of Football took place in Moscow on June 14th.

One of the most important topics was the use of real-time data on the bench. Guests like Erik Stoffelhaus (Sporting Director, FC Lokomotiv Moscow), Bernd Wahler (Chairman of the Board, HYPE Sports Innovation) and Maximilian Schmidt (Co-Founder and Managing Director KINEXON Sports & Media) discussed with  Francesco Cuzzolin (Director Scientific Department, Technogym) whether performance analysis will replace coaching.

Some of the key findings of the panel discussion:

  • Today there is simply too much data, but not enough valuable insights. In order to avoid information over-kill, analysis has to focus on relevant questions and answer them in an easy way. Coaches need answers, not just data for data’s sake.
  • One big potential lies in injury prevention. A big step forward would be the use of real-time data to intervene before a potential injury occurs. Maximilian Schmidt explained that “… by combining historical data of each individual player, injury history as well as movement patterns and real-time insights during practice and game, we can already have insights on performance anomalies that help to avoid preventable injuries”.
  • The use of real-time ball tracking will bring various applications to real-time coaching. By providing a complete digital model of football enabled through 3D position data of all players and the ball, tactical informations, changes, strengths and weaknesses will be analysed within milliseconds.

Conclusion: Performance analysis will not replace coaching. However, it will enable coaches to make better, more evidence-based decisions. It will be used as a valuable tool to complement their human coaching skills.

Further participants, amongst them Guy Laurent Epstein (UEFA), Philipp Hasenbein (Lagardère), Günter Weigl (adidas), Federico Winer (SAP), Dmitry Manevich (Russian Olympic Committee), Egor Kretsan (FC Zenit) and Daniel Cerejido (LaLiga), discussed the next big thing in football broadcasting and digital content generation.

The HYPE Summit also hosted a start-up competition. The winner was VEO, a sport tech start-up from Denmark, providing an easy-to-use camera system in order to record and automatically follow football matches. This innovation is a huge step towards the democratization of sports content generation and analysis.

Some media coverage about the summit:

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