Grand opening of the Larry Hughes Basketball Academy – A first-of-its-kind basketball facility

Munich / St. Louis, 03 June 2019

The Larry Hughes Basketball Academy (LHBA) opens its doors and has set itself the goal of providing children and teenagers with a comprehensive basketball education thanks to a special mix of experienced coaches and the latest technical equipment.

The Larry Hughes Basketball Academy (LHBA) in collaboration with Basketball Training Systems (BTS) was opened on 13 April 2019. The newly established Academy near St. Louis has set itself the goal of providing children and teenagers between the ages of 5 and 14 with basic basketball-specific training methods at an early age thanks to a comprehensive and professional coaching program. Through targeted activities, it is possible to individually address the strengths and weaknesses and thus support the kids early in their careers in the best possible way. In addition, LHBA also relies on technical innovations which, in combination with professionally trained employees and coaches, are playing a fundamental role in the care and training of the kids.

One of these technical tools is the KINEXON Perform System. Thanks to its technology, it is possible to locate players in real time with centimetre accuracy and to record performance parameters such as distance, speed, acceleration and height of jump. The sensors, which weigh only a few grams are distributed to the players, who simply clip them to their shorts.

Another partner is RSPCT’s shot tracking technology, which provides trainers with important information about the kids’ shot. Infrared cameras mounted on the backboard can accurately record the exact position of the ball inside or outside the basket and the angle at which the ball was thrown. By tracing the shot trajectory in combination with the real-time localization of KINEXON it is possible to assign the throws to different players.

For training groups of up to 50 players, this offers the opportunity to present relevant performance data on screens in real time and thus provide important feedback for children, parents and coaches.

The data collected during each session can then be accessed by members in the “Digital Locker”, specially developed by BTS. This data allows children, parents and coaches to monitor the performance of the last training session and the total duration of membership. BTS and LHBA hope this will provide an even more transparent presentation of performance development and at the same time create an incentive for players to continuously improve their performance.

This highly modern technical equipment combined with professional basketball know-how and experience from several years in the NBA make this facility a unique place to coach and develop the young kids in the best possible way in various areas of basketball.

Additional to sports-specific development, the Larry Hughes Basketball Academy is also about teaching the kids social aspects. In addition to teaching social skills such as teamwork and perseverance, the Academy also offers the opportunity to keep socially disadvantaged children off the streets or wrong environments.

As the name indicates, the Academy was founded by former NBA player Larry Hughes. Hughes, who was drafted in 1998, was a 14-year professional for 8 different NBA teams and excelled through his athletic and defensive playing style. His enormous defensive qualities brought him a place in the NBA All-Defensive First Team – the top 5 defensive players of a season – in the 2004/05 season.

In addition to the Academy in St. Louis, there are other former and active NBA players who are interested in a potential partnership. With the LHBA as a leading project in cooperation with BTS and the technology partners KINEXON and RSPCT, the innovative youth Academy concept is to be extended to other regions and thus give children and young people access to community sports.

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