Handball-Bundesliga GmbH equips all first league clubs with state-of-the-art analysis technology from KINEXON

KINEXON’s innovative chip and sensor network provides valuable real-time data for high-precision performance analysis in competition and training, media benefits strongly  

- Technology creates new experiences for fans and media
- High-precision load analysis optimizes performance
- League-wide use is worldwide unique

Cologne/Munich, 07 May 2019

KINEXON Sports & Media GmbH becomes Technology Partner of the Handball-Bundesliga GmbH. After a successful test at this year’s All Star Game of German Handball in Stuttgart, the leading provider of intelligent sports data and analyses will now equip all first league clubs with the sensor-based hardware until the start of the 2019/20 season, so that all 306 matches in the DKB Handball-Bundesliga will be supported accordingly. The analysis technology will also be used at the HBL events Pixum Super Cup, All Star Game and the cup final event of German handball “REWE Final4″. The comprehensive implementation of the analysis technology is unique in professional sports leagues worldwide.

Frank Bohmann, Managing Director of Handball-Bundesliga GmbH: “The need to make data available in real-time is already enormous today and will continue to grow. Real-time tracking is therefore an important and necessary step into the digital future for our Bundesliga and for modern handball. Together with KINEXON, we open up additional fascinating perspectives for our fans, media partners and sponsors and create new worlds of experience and innovative offers. This technology will make the extraordinary achievements of the players in the DKB Handball Bundesliga even more exciting, informative and valuable.”

From 21 August 2019 onwards, the competition and training operations of all clubs in the DKB Handball Bundesliga will be able to record and analyze the movements of the handball pros and the match ball in real-time with high precision and centimeter accuracy, and utilize them in a variety of ways using a web-based software application. Tracking is performed by a small and lightweight chip which is integrated in the players’ jerseys and in a specially developed bladder inside the SELECT ball. The performance data of each player is made available wirelessly in real-time and fully automated during the competition or training game. The tracking of the match ball is limited to the match ball of SELECT at the beginning of the cooperation. The HBL partner will also equip six first league clubs at the start of the season.

Maik Machulla, Coach of the reigning German champion and current leader of the league SG Flensburg-Handewitt, comments: “Tracking gives us a precise, continuous insight into the performance parameters of each player in competition and training. From this, important insights can be derived that support the athletic development of players and teams. I also hope to see added value in load control, so that the availability of additional data can support early detection and protect players from injury.”

The modern handball sport – dynamic, fast and athletic – which is played every week at top level in the DKB Handball Bundesliga, is even more tangible and comprehensible for fans thanks to the availability of KINEXON real-time information. For them, the KINEXON technology makes the performance of their idols and the non-stop action on the pitch even more exciting. The added value of the data in real-time will make the TV transmission and reporting much more multi-faceted and also the social media platforms more attractive and valuable through additional statistics.

KINEXON Co-founder and Managing Director Maximilian Schmidt: “We are delighted to start a new digital future with the Handball Bundesliga as the first league worldwide. Our technology provides unique insights into the fascinating sport of handball – in real time and fully automated. I am very confident that everyone involved from the Bundesliga, clubs, media and of course the fans will benefit from this cooperation.”

These data can be collected i.a., here the top 10 metrics and data using an example “Player XY”:

Speed                                        17.1 mph
Workload                                 607 kcal
Jump height                            37.8 inches
Airtime                                      0.72 sec
Time on the pitch                 48:34 minutes
Throwing distance               9.8 yards
Number of passes               87
Ball ownership                      51 %
Distance travelled               3.7 miles
Throwing speed                    71 mph

Download the English version of the press release here: 20190507 Press release HBL
Download the German version of the press release here: 20190507 Pressemitteilung HBL

Interview with KINEXON Managing Director Maximilian Schmidt (only in German):

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