KINEXON and RSPCT announce cooperation to provide advanced shot tracking analysis in basketball

Munich / Tel Aviv, 15 May 2019

KINEXON and RSPCT have announced a seamless product integration between their innovative technologies. The integrated solution combines player’s performance analytics & positioning from KINEXON with precise shot tracking from RSPCT, all in real-time. All RSPCT data is automatically synchronized and visualized in the KINEXON App and can be fully analysed live and after each training and game, while all of RSPCT’s shots are automatically assigned to the players.

RSPCT sensor located behind the rim detects ball entry point and shot trajectory. KINEXON sensors precisely determine player position on the court.

Both technologies combined offer invaluable advantages for basketball teams:

  • Shooting maps of individual players
  • Advanced insights into shooting quality and potential to improve
  • Detailed profile about individual shot positions and shot origins on the court
  • Analyses of shot trajectory and “rating” of shots

By combining the shooting data with performance analysis, it is even possible to go a step further. Coaches and players can identify correlations between shot behavior and physical load: is a player able to keep up his shooting quality with a high physical load or at the end of a high intensity session? How do significant decelerations after fast movements affect shooting quality and accuracy? Are all the fadeaway shots taken from right wing centered or offset?

Basketball teams will now be able to benefit from this combined offering, as it will be the first product on the market to provide a complete basketball performance monitoring. It is an efficient tool that will take basketball into a whole new dimension for player evaluations, shooting quality and injury prevention.

Maximilian Schmidt, Co-founder and Managing Director KINEXON: “We are very happy to have teamed up with RSPCT for already two years now. Combining our innovative technologies adds even more context to our data. Basketball teams using both our solutions have a huge advantage when it comes to a holistic performance analysis. With this official partnership, we aim at deepening our product integration and addressing more markets together, such as European basketball teams and academies.”

Oren Moravchik, CEO RSPCT: “KINEXON are professionals with a great product. Together we’ve been able to create a system that works for everybody in a team. It’s automatic and simple enough, which means our users have the full practice data without any effort; Its output provides actionable, valuable insights, that various users in the team can put to use. We keep working and improving the integration so we can provide basketball professionals at all levels every piece of data they need, with the same ease.”

Amongst the clients already using the integrated RSPCT and KINEXON systems are eight teams from the NBA.

Download the English version of the press release here: 20190515 Press release RSPCT and KINEXON
Download the German version of the press release here: 20190515 Pressemitteilung RSPCT und KINEXON

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