KINEXON shapes the digital era of sports entertainment

HORIZONT Online praises KINEXON as a sports data pioneer that is used in numerous competitions and matches around the globe. Quite recently, more and more technical tools are utilized to collect and analyze data in sports. Data fundamentally changes how the game is played by the athletes and how it can be enjoyed by the spectators. KINEXON develops cutting-edge solutions for precise localization and motion sensing of athletes in various sports. The portfolio includes both hardware (e.g. sensors, anchors) for the real-time collection of precise data  as well as smart solutions for processing and analysis of such.

With its highly accurate tracking system, KINEXON provides data & analytics that broadcasters can incorporate into their programs. Weighing only 14 grams, the sensors in the jerseys of athletes record their movements, status, as well as further performance indicators. The advances in the field of radio technology make application of this system possible in an ever-increasing number of sports. The technology was already in use at the Beach Volleyball World Championship in Vienna and the FIVB World Tour Finals in Hamburg. For example, the height and number of jumps, consumed calories, or the distance traveled can be measured. Another highlight of KINEXON’s digital media enhancement was the motocross spectacle Red Bull X Fighters final in Spain. There as well, the KINEXON  technology supplied a highly informative data feed for broadcasting. The viewers got real-time statistics graphically rendered for a new level of sports enjoyment. Watch out what is next to come in the fascinating portfolio of data enhanced sports events – powered by KINEXON.

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