New Official Partner until 2021: Modern performance analysis at FC Bayern Basketball thanks to KINEXON

Munich, 05 September 2018

The German basketball champion will in future be supported in his demanding tasks in the Bundesliga and the EuroLeague by a state-of-the-art analysis technology: KINEXON Sports & Media is the new official partner of FC Bayern Basketball, the cooperation is contractually fixed for three years until 2021. KINEXON offers valuable real-time solutions for a precise performance analysis of training and games via a sensor network. The company is headquartered in Munich and has an office in New York: KINEXON is already successfully partnering with more than a dozen NBA teams in the field of basketball.

“We are very pleased about this new partnership, and we have high expectations,” says FCBB CEO Marko Pesic. “Especially with regard to the additional challenge of the EuroLeague, it is essential to further optimize the support and stress management of our players. KINEXON offers us great options that our coaches can integrate into their work. We are confident that this innovative tracking system will help us improve the performance of our team sustainably in the athletic-physical area, but also tactically.”

Maximilian Schmidt, Co-Founder and CEO of KINEXON Sports & Media, said: “Since our launch in 2016, we’ve been working with 13 NBA teams using our real-time basketball tracking and analysis solution. Now we aim at conquering the European basketball market. As a Munich-based company, we are very proud to have won FC Bayern München Basketball, the first German basketball customer to use KINEXON ONE in every practice and game. ”

KINEXON’s tracking system will provide FCBB coaches with the opportunity to use real-time data collection of player performance during training and competition, such as the number of sprints or jumps, speed, running distance and much more.

For this purpose, the player’s pants are equipped with a chip weighing only a few grams, which enables centimeter-accurate 3D localization, motion detection and data transmission with unprecedented accuracy and stability via the sensor network installed in the facility. The system was developed for both indoor and outdoor use, it can be set up and rebuilt very quickly. The FC Bayern Basketball players have already used the mobile system in the training camp at Garda Trentino, and the Munich Audi Dome is now equipped with KINEXON.

“KINEXON offers us completely new possibilities for analysing both training and games. This is something you could only dream of as a coach a few years ago,” said assistant coach Philipp Köchling, who is responsible for scouting and technical tools for the double-winner. He continued, “Thanks to this system, we can address our athletes much more individually, control training and load and, for example, hope to avoid injuries.”

Find the German press release here: 20180905 Pressemitteilung FC Bayern Basketball

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