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KINEXON enables a new era in sports content generation by providing a new layer of real-time performance data. The growth of the media marketing of sports events is stretched to its limits within its existing video content. New paths of value generation are pursued and innovative layers of information and quality are made available by the KINEXON system. Holistic, live & automated.


KINEXON provides an innovative layer of real-time performance data – allowing a new level of experience and value generation to several business fields.




The KINEXON Solution

Holistic, live & automated.

With the help of intelligent sensors and a powerful software, we measure, analyze and distribute various performance data and insightful stats to broadcasters and further potential content users.

Your benefits

Increase fan engagement and marketing potential

Increase revenue streams and growth factor


Why you should use KINEXON.


Unprecedented accuracy and robustness that enables new statistics and a new level of data quality.



Easy, quick and scalable system setup: Suitable for any environment – inside and outside. At any time.


High quality of analytics and predictions that enable profound player insights and deeper tactical understanding.

Showcase vIDEOS

Renowned media enterprises partner up with KINEXON
to take the next step in the new digital sports era.

Showcase example

Partnership between Red Bull and KINEXON changes the way
we see and understand action sports.


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