Precise. Simple. Smart.

Cutting-Edge Radio Technology

Intelligent sensors and analysis software enable a new era in Sports Content Generation.


Sensors placed between the shoulders of the players and within the ball transfer centimeter-accurate position and movement data (x| y | z) – optionally heart rate data can also be collected.


An intuitive web-application calculates insightful statistics and analyzes with regards to fitness, tactics and ball movements from the collected data in real-time.

Precision meets Simplicity

Minimum effort for unprecedented accuracy.


Precise & robust position data: Accuracy within 10 cm
3D acceleration, orientation & rotation data
High update rate for player and ball tracking


Easy setup in any surroundings
Portable and mobile solution that allows wire-free installation
Made for in- and outdoor environments


The Heart of our High-Precision System.

Small & Lightweight

  • Weight below 15 g
  • Small dimensions: Smaller than a matchbox
  • Various mounting options (waist, shoe, shoulder)


  • Real-time data communication to the KINEXON Application
  • Real-time data communication to broadcasting or other 3rd party applications


  • 3D position (x| y | z)
  • Accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer
  • Bluetooth Low Energy for peripheral data (e. g. heart rate belt, temperature sensors)

What makes us strong

KINEXON is more precise and reliable than video or GPS solutions.

Video Tracking GPS Technology
Position accuracy < 10cm < 1m 2 – 10m
Error for accelerations and high speed < 4% 10 – 15% 15 – 20%
Error for distance calculation (linear motion) < 1% 2 – 5% 5 – 10%
Sensor size & weight 3 x 4 x 0.7cm | 15g No Sensor
8 x 4 x 2cm | 75g
Tactic and technique analysis (in real-time)
Capable Uncapable Uncapable

Take the next step in digitalizing your athlete monitoring