Munich / Düsseldorf, 08 February 2019

For two days, top decision makers discussed the future of sports business at SPOBIS 2019 in Düsseldorf. Sport-Tech and Digital took center stage with an exciting program around topics like artificial intelligence, innovations, digitalization and virtual reality. Highlight of day 1: the keynote of Andreas Gall (Chief Innovation Officer Red Bull Media House) about how automated live data will shape the viewer experience and why accurate metrics are key. In the subsequent panel discussion, Maximilian Schmidt (Co-Founder and Managing Director KINEXON Sports & Media) explained that the fundamental idea is ‘connected emotions’. If you manage to connect the emotions of the athletes to those of the fans, you create a whole new level of fan experience. Eduard Gerlof (Director of Marketing Comdirect) confirmed this as he provided a short recap of the benefits of Comdirect’s sponsorship activities in volleyball and beach volleyball, powered by KINEXON metrics.

We should not forget that in the end, innovative technology is useless if we don’t make it available to the fans.

Aside from the stage, visitors could experience our technology live in three different ways.  Visitors could track a football equipped with a chip live in a 3D model of the KINEXON booth while they moved the ball in the actual booth. Our partner SAP used our technology to track a live game of ‘autoball’ – both cars and the ball were equipped with sensors. Our jumping tool was installed at the booth of Beachmajor Series, allowing visitors to measure their jump height and compare it to those of professional athletes.

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