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About Tactics Cockpit

The tactics board is the centre where all the tactical data is aggregated, analyzed and visualized. It offers coaches and staff a variety of possibilities to get profound and unprecedented insights into the tactical behavior of the team. 

How does the tactics board benefit your athletes?

Interactive Tactics Board

Precise positioning data enable new tactical analysis in training and match.

• Live visualization provides immediate feedback on the implementation of tactical requirements
• Precise position tracking allows the analysis of horizontal and vertical player distances and formations
• Moving players and their position to visualize coaching suggestions

Video Synchronization

Linking position data with video material and tagging.

• More context and new information density by interactive tactics board
• More efficient ex-post analyses by tagging or importing of Dartfish, Sportscode etc. data
• Illustrative coaching tool for tactical education

Tactical analysis

Automatic recognition of game patterns and tactical behaviors.

• Automatic detection and evaluation of game situations
• Implementation of newly and specially developed tactical key performance indicators

Ball Tracking

Position data of the ball facilitate new analyses.

• Automatic recognition of individual ball statistics such as passes, shots and ball control
• Team-based metrics such as ball possession, pass speed etc. support the qualitative game analysis
• Cooperation with Select (subsidiary company Derbystar) enables use in game and training
• First prototypes already developed and successfully tested in 2016

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