The impact of data in American football

Munich, 26 June 2019

The way sports are viewed and analysed always allows two possibilities – a subjective and an objective perspective. The subjective approach still seems to be widespread and dominant in sports today and a large part of the analyses of training and competition are still based on it. At the same time, however, objective, data-based evaluation is essential in order to obtain a holistic, all-embracing overview of the performance of a player or team.

As so often, the solution is in the golden mean. A balanced combination of both perspectives in most cases offers the most promising way to success.

American football is a sport in which data has played an essential role in the evaluation of players and games for many years. Only a few sports are that closely linked to metrics that can be collected in order to make a reliable statement about the performance of players and teams and therefore show such a large tendency towards data-based actions.

Exact information about the playing times of individual athletes, precise position data of players for an ideal tactical alignment, speeds and accelerations and last but not least the running distance of the individual players are the basis for further decisions.

Metabolic performance measurement is also an essential component for early detection and avoidance of overloads. By better estimating and optimally managing playing times, an enormous contribution can be made towards injury prevention.

It turns out that American football, with its high diversity and variety of positions and activities provides an enormous range of parameters for recording. It is due to this uniqueness that very accurate monitoring of individual metrics is required in order to make a reliable statement about individual players.

In order to guarantee this accuracy a high-precision analysis tool is needed to collect data. In our video you can learn more about the application of the KINEXON PERFORM system in American football and the advantages it offers, that football teams require in the areas of performance evaluation and tactics through continuous monitoring.

You will also learn how it’s possible to analyze and evaluate externally supplied data – for example from leagues – using the KINEXON platform. Based on these detailed evaluations, recommended actions for teams and players can be made.

KINEXON American Football Analytics

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