THW Kiel will also use KINEXON as a training solution

Munich/Kiel 01 August 2019

In addition to using the KINEXON system in the official gaming operation of the HBL (see press release of 07 May 2019), THW Kiel will also use the real-time tracking technology in training with immediate effect.

A fixed system was installed in the training hall in Altenholz. In addition, THW Kiel will be equipped with a mobile system so that the same sensors can also record data from external units, such as currently in the training camp in Graz. This guarantees a complete load and performance analysis.

THW Kiel is the first German handball club to rely on an all-round analysis of the players’ performance data. “On the basis of the newly acquired data, we are able to train the players even more effectively and thus control the load,” explains THW Managing Director Viktor Szilagyi. “In this way, we hope to minimize the risk of injury. The KINEXON system’s fully automatic analyses and evaluations in real time provide a great basis for this.”

Maximilian Schmidt, Co-founder and Managing Director of KINEXON Sports & Media: “We are very pleased that besides the French club Paris Saint-Germain, the German handball record champion now also works with our technology. We are convinced that especially in combination with the performance data collected during official HBL matches, THW Kiel will enjoy a decisive advantage when it comes to performance analysis, injury prevention and tactical analyses.”

Download the English version of the press release here: 20190801 Press release THW Kiel
Download the German version of the press release here: 20190801 Pressemitteilung THW Kiel

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