TSG Hoffenheim chooses KINEXON for performance analysis

Munich/Hoffenheim 08 August 2019

Bundesliga club TSG Hoffenheim will from now on use the latest technology in real-time performance analysis from KINEXON. The Munich-based company captures and analyzes position and movement data of players and ball in real time. Small sensors in the jerseys (and optionally also in the match ball) send valuable information about the load of the individual players and the tactical orientation of the team in relation to opponents and match action.

The KINEXON technology will be installed at TSG both in the PreZero Arena and on the training grounds and will be used from this season onwards for continuous performance analysis on the pitch. For training camps and away games, TSG uses the new mobile AI-based KINEXON system to collect and analyze 100% of the performance data. The live data enables an even more precise and immediate performance control of the players on the pitch. The KINEXON system offers the highest data accuracy on the market and is able to record and analyze fast, football specific loads. Using KINEXON technology, the performance of the players and the team can be objectively recorded and analyzed in order to ideally avoid injuries due to over- or underload and to increase the individual performance level in a targeted manner.

Dr. Sascha Härtel, Head of Performance Diagnostics, Science Coordination at TSG: “For years TSG has played a pioneering role in the analysis and further development of its players in sports science, often in conjunction with new, innovative methods and technologies. After an extensive, international market analysis of the technology providers, we explicitly and with conviction decided in favor of KINEXON. In our eyes, this is one of the most advanced and future-proof tracking and analysis solutions. Together with KINEXON we want to be able to analyze and visualize even more precisely in real time and optimize individual performance optimization”.

Maximilian Schmidt, Co-Founder and Managing Director of KINEXON Sports & Media: “The sports scientific analysis of performance data is gaining more and more importance in the Bundesliga. Here KINEXON can support the clubs with reliable performance analyses and take on a pioneering role. We have been in contact with TSG Managing Directors Dr. Peter Görlich and Dr. Sascha Härtel for many years and have been impressed by their enthusiasm for technology. That is why we are particularly looking forward to the intensive cooperation with TSG Hoffenheim in the coming years. We are convinced that we will not only be able to contribute to a comprehensive, modern performance analysis, but that we will also continue to advance the development and implementation of new sports science approaches”.

Download the English version of the press release here: 20190808 Press release TSG Hoffenheim_KINEXON
Download the German version of the press release here: 20190808 Pressemitteilung TSG Hoffenheim_KINEXON

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