Why Kinexon’s precision technology matters in handball

Kinexon is featured in the current issue of Handball Inside – THE leading handball magazine in Europe! In the current issue, reporter Erik Eggers explores new technologies in professional sports and their impact on handball. To put it in a nutshell: A revolution lies ahead!

One of the most influential handball magazines “Handball Inside” has published an article about Big Data in handball: The Deutsche Handball Bund (DHB) is collaborating with the Institute for Applied Training Science (IAT) to explore new technologies available for tracking players’ positions, movements and workloads. Kinexon, a pioneer with indoor tracking, is one of the technologies of interest. Tracking outdoor sports such as American Football and Baseball via GPS has been possible for quite a while. Indoor sports such as handball could not benefit from those systems since GPS does only work outdoors.

Understanding players better – tactics, technique and workloads

How does handball benefit from new technologies such as indoor tracking systems? According to former THW Kiel coach Dirk Büsch positional data – and thus having the possibility to look at a scene from different angles – helps to understand why a player hasn’t moved in a certain way. Analyzing players’ workloads is also highly relevant, e.g. how much energy a player loses due to body contacts with the opposing party. Players lose velocity, find it harder to accelerate again and their reaction time decreases due to heavy impacts. Mr. Büsch explains that having this kind of data can be highly relevant for coaches, especially if the last 10 minutes of the game are running. With the development of indoor tracking systems like KINEXON ONE, such analyses are now possible.

KINEXON is also working on integrating sensors into the ball. So far, results have been very promising. Mr. Büsch believes that ball tracking will enable them to analyze the spin and thus will help them to develop mathematical models for identifying the perfect spin for specific positions.

The fascination of live data

The article also mentions that TV broadcasters have started to exploit the potentials of indoor tracking systems. They are convinced that having the possibility to include overlays such as distance, jump height, velocity and acceleration advantages will make the sport even more attractive for spectators. Just imagine you are watching the VELUX EHF Final 4 in two weeks time and statistics such as jump height of Dominik Klein (THW Kiel), acceleration of Péter Gulyás (MVM Veszprém) or the maximum speed of Michał Jurecki (KS Kielce) compared to Nikola Karabatic (PSG) would appear as fascinating overlays.

Handball has risen on popularity in the last few years and with the opportunities generated by new technologies even more people will be drawn to this fascinating sport. KINEXON is excited to be part of this revolution!

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