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Pioneers in real-time analytics, we redefine the game for athletes and teams. From advanced tracking to immersive analytics, we empower excellence. Experience the difference where innovation meets achievement at KINEXON Sports. Gain that extra edge by leveraging data when every percentage point matters!

Trusted by Innovation Leaders in Professional Sports

KINEXON Sports is collaborating with data-savvy sports organizations in the world’s most elite competitions

Denver Nuggets Basketball Club Logo
This is the logo of the Florida Panthers Ice Hockey team.
New York Knicks Basketball Club Logo
The logo of the Indiana State Sycamores American football team that uses athlete trackers from KINEXON.
European Handball Federation Logo
Fußballclub Union Berlin, commonly known as 1. FC Union Berlin or Union Berlin, is a professional German football club based in Köpenick, Berlin
The Jacksonville State University Gamecocks football team partner with sports analytics company KINEXON for football analytics and advanced statistics.
Miami University uses College Basketball analytics to help it's coaches keep track of player workloads and other metrics.
This is the logo of the FC Basel Handball team.
The Wyoming Cowboys football team rely on sports data analytics from KINEXON player tracking devices.
Los Angeles Lakers Basketball Club uses basketball analytics from KINEXON Sports to improve the performance of its players.
Liqui Moly Handball Bundesliga uses sports data analytics to manage the workload of players.
Chicago Bulls rely on sports analytics company KINEXON for basketball analytics.

We Enable YOU to Innovate the Game

As one of the global leaders in sports tracking and analytics, we are shaping the future of professional sport with innovative data-driven solutions for load management, diagnostics, performance analysis, player development, tactical analysis, fan engagement, data support for officiating and many more.

We empower the sports world to reach the next level through data, insights, and action.

Through the use of various technologies (such as GPS, UWB, Computer Vision, IMU and others), exclusive AI-based algorithms, our full-stack approach and an in-house team of experienced sports scientists, we offer more than player and ball data and insights.

Steve Englehart is the  University of Colorado’s Director of Sports Performance for Olympic Sports.

“Focusing on specific metrics can help you position your players to peak at the right time and ensure they’re in the best possible condition.”

Steve Englehart
University of Colorado’s Director of Sports Performance for Olympic Sports

Exclusive Benefits You'll Only Get at KINEXON Sports

As a real-time sports analytics provider, we stand out for going the extra mile.

How Teams Use Our Sports-Specific Analysis Software

Choose your game, elevate your play: and find out how our sports analysis software is helping coaches make decision, players perform better, and fans love their favorite sports even more! 

Player tracking is a valuable tool in many sports including football, soccer, basketball, ice hockey, volleyball, and handball.

Setting The Gold Standard for Analytics in Football!

Player tracking gathers performance data for improvement and load management. Ball tracking aids officials with live position and motion data. Having both provides the best view of the game.

To KINEXON Football

Basketball analytics are used by coaches and trainers to make decisions on how much certain players should play.

The Most Trusted Provider of Basketball Analytics

The world’s best basketball teams optimize their practice and game loads with KINEXON’s athlete data, including 80% of the NBA. Our analytics offer precise insights into performance and strategies.

To Kinexon Basketball

KINEXON is a sports analytics company that is one of the leading provider in the world of handball analytics and sports data.

Best Handball Analytics: Elevate Your Game Beyond Limits

Used during the European Handball Championship and in the LIQUI-MOLY Handball Bundesliga, player and ball tracking by KINEXON Sports simplifies load management, fan engagement and more.

To Kinexon Handball

Supreme Hockey Data: The Most Precise Metrics on Ice!

Top teams in Europe and the NHL sharpen strategies with player tracking and analytics from KINEXON Sports. Monitor and plan players’ load, performance, return-to-play, and more.

To Kinexon Hockey

American football injuries are common but sports analytics company KINEXON uses player tracking devices to collect advanced statistics that help coaches gain insight about their players and keep them healthy.

Advanced Statistics in American Football: Insight for Every Play!

KINEXON provides advanced analytics for American football. Our solutions track player performance, help develop strategic plays, and on-field dynamics – both indoors and outdoors.

To Kinexon Football

Turning Movement Data Into Immersive Fan Experiences!

KINEXON ENGAGE is used by leading sports organizations, such as the EHF and HBL. It helps to increase fan engagement, enhance media coverage, and create marketing materials.


KINEXON Sports Sets the Standard for Performance Tracking

With > 300 real-time metrics
we’re providing the largest range
of live data available

The leading player tracking
provider in American basketball
and European handball

KINEXON PERFORM IMU is The World’s Most-Used Mobile Monitoring System in multiple sports.

80 % of all NBA
teams rely on KINEXON
for basketball analytics

World’s first real-time ball tracking
software for football and handball

This is an icon for partnership portrait by a handshake.

More than 500 sports teams
around the globe trust KINEXON

First women-specific
analytics solutions in sports

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What are the best tactics and strategies for success? The ones that competitors don’t know.

There's a Data-Based Way to Improve Shooting %

From points in the paint to long-range jumpers, players rely on accuracy with every shot. Now, with KINEXON COMPETE Vision, coaches can combine AI with practice and game videos to make those shots even better, from anywhere on the floor. Here’s how it works.

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Provide Facts and Resources for Media, Fans & More

We’re seeing a new age where data tells stories beyond just the game. KINEXON Sports is at the forefront of this change in Handball Bundesliga. Central to this shift is the new role of the sports data journalist, with Lara Kellermann playing a key part in this exciting collaboration.

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If You Can't Prevent Injuries, You Can Reduce the Risk

Eric Donoval, who leads sports performance for the University of Wyoming’s football team, shares how football data from KINEXON Sports is changing the way they train. He’s not only using the insights to improve practice routines, he has also reduced injury risks!

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Why KINEXON Sports is Making Headlines:

For media enquiries please reach out to press@​kinexon.​com.

Technology supplied by
KINEXON will give clubs
dreaming of success an extra
chance of achievement.”

World market leader
made in Germany”

Sports Technology News Logo

(…) the most worn wearable
in the NBA, but also with
significant use in soccer,
hockey, handball, and even
beach volleyball (…)”

It’s fascinating to have
the performance data
virtually accessible.”

Latest News and Stories

American football analytics are helping players plan better offseason workouts.
How Analytics Can Help Improve Collegiate Football Workouts

The offseason is a crucial time for college football players to improve their skills, strength, and conditioning. But how do you put together a training program that is as efficient as it is effective? Here’s a surefire way to start.

a recent study looked at the effectiveness of plyometrics workouts for handball players.
Researchers Uncover the Power of Plyometric Workouts for Elite Handball Players

A group of researchers set out to assess the impact Plyometric training might have on improving vertical jumps (and other performance metrics) of handball players at the elite or national level. Here’s what they learned.

In addition to being the Head Strength and Conditioning coach for Heroes Den Bosch, Coach Rik van Waes is also a physiotherapist.
Data-Driven Approach Fuels Coach’s Return-to-Play Protocol!

Injury recovery is a critical aspect of sports, and it’s where data can make a significant impact. As Rik van Waes, the Head Strength and Conditioning for the Heroes Den Bosch professional basketball team, puts it, Returning to play after an injury is one of the major things that data can contribute to.”

KINEXON Upgrades GPS Player Tracking to Become First Automated and Wireless Solution

The GPS-based player tracking system for professional outdoor teams, KINEXON PERFORM GPS Pro, gets a groundbreaking update that will enable coaches to save precious time as it becomes fully wireless and automated. 

REWE Final4 Breaks New Ground with Cutting-Edge Handball

Each year, thousands of handball fans converge at the REWE Final4, while millions tune in from home. Alongside the Handball Bundesliga, it doesn’t get much bigger than this. Except this year. 

A study found Olympic derived strength training is good for women's volleyball players trying to improve their jump height.
Study Reveals: Olympic-Based Strength Training Enhances Handball Skills!

Imagine the power and agility of an Olympic athlete combined with the strength and endurance of a handball player. That’s exactly what a recent study set out to explore. The goal? To unlock new levels of performance for women handball players. 

TSG Hoffenheim women's soccer team is working with KINEXON sports to help develop women-specific player metrics and cycle-syncing workouts.
What's Still Missing on The Journey to Equality for Women Athletes?

Researchers from the Bundesliga club, TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, are conducting a study on the influence of the menstrual cycle on the performance of women athletes. Dr. Sascha Härtel and Dr. Ludwig Ruf shared insights into the research, and talked about what is still needed.

A European basketball coach watches a player take a shot at practice.
Study Reveals the Most Popular Shot EuroLeague Basketball Players Take

Sports analytics and data-driven forecasting play crucial roles in European basketball. Researchers are trying to identify essential performance metrics and effective coaching strategies. What they’re finding is that one type of shot is more popular than the rest.

Why Underloaded EuroLeague Basketball Players Still Need Data

As Head of Performance at Fenerbahce Beko Istanbul, Kostas Chatzichristos knows basketball analytics. He explains why coaches need to collect data on all players — even the ones who aren’t getting minutes.

Players from the University of Louisiana take part in an experiment using KINEXON Sports wearables.
What a UL Experiment Revealed About Merging Live GPS Data and Recovery Tech

In football, recovery is as important as training. Recently, the sports medicine staff from the University of Louisiana conducted an experiment to gauge the impact Firefly Recovery Devices may have on a player’s recovery with the help of live data from KINEXON Sports.

Sports video analysis software is used to track different basketball metrics.
How Basketball Coaches Can Use Sports Video Analysis Software

Basketball coaches and players strive to understand the intricacies of each shot. But using a video analysis software, that doubles as basketball shot tracking app, promises to be the Holy Grail for those seeking comprehensive insights. 

KINEXON Sports and 4-Football Announce Global Women’s Initiative

KINEXON Sports, a leading provider of sports data analytics solutions, and 4‑Football, a trailblazer in women’s football development, have joined forces to launch an unprecedented global initiative.

Sports performance software is used in volleyball to track things like jump height and load.
What Are The Volleyball Metrics That Matter Most to Coaches?

Volleyball positions require speed, agility, power, and precision. But how do you know if your team is performing at its best? How do you measure your progress and identify your strengths and weaknesses? This is where player metrics and analytics come in.

Jeremy Portillo is the sports performance coach for Evansville University men’s basketball team.
Why Evansville University’s Sports Performance Coach Dislikes Backpedaling

How can players optimize their performance and avoid wasting steps on the court? That’s the question Jeremy Portillo, the sports performance coach for Evansville University men’s basketball team, was asked on a recent episode of The Extra Edge” podcast. He gave a jaw-dropping answer.

a coach uses resistance to help improve a player's acceleration, which is one of the metrics often targeted in sports analytics data.
Athletic Performance: Why is it Important to Understand and Track Acceleration?

Athletic ability is often associated with an athlete’s explosive speed and acceleration. That’s why acceleration is often called one of the cornerstones of excellence in athletic performance. But did you know that it can be improved with the right tools and training methods?