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Now available - download product brochure here! KINEXON PERFORM GPS Pro is the next generation of our GPS-based mobile player tracking system for outdoor team sports. In collaboration with Fitogether, we created a wearable with the best results in FIFA testing that promises unmatched operational speed and three times more live metrics than other systems.

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Rene Prüßner is a former soccer player who uses the KINEXON Perform GPS Pro system to monitor and optimize current players’ training and performance.

”Because coaches need all relevant performance metrics live…

…we’ve developed a high-quality player tracking solution that provides over 100 metrics live on various devices and can be accessed through the cloud to speed up coaches’ daily work.”

René Prüßner
(Head of Product Marketing & Strategy)

Top Ranked Data Quality Meets Top-Notch Live Analysis

KINEXON PERFORM GPS Pro is the latest innovation from KINEXON. The GPS-based mobile player tracking system incorporates leading GNSS technology from Fitogether. It takes analysis speed to a new level with the first fully cloud-based data processing and three times more live metrics than all other systems.

Invest less time in operational needs!

What is a gps tracking device for football?

Exclusive collaboration of
both FIFA Preferred Providers
Live Player Tracking

A screenshot of the KINEXON Sports app showing the live performance and load data of a soccer team during a match.

Top-ranked live player
data quality in 2022
FIFA EPTS testing

Other GPS football trackers can't compare with KINEXON Perform GPS Pro because it has the power of AWS providing live player metrics.

First fully cloud-based
solution for remote access
from multiple devices

What is the best gps tracker for football?

120+ live metrics — three times
more than other systems

Kinexon sports provides wearable sensors or GPS sports trackers to collect sports analytics for players and coachers during games and practice.

Offline mode to guarantee
100% data output & quality
even when offline

3 Reasons to Choose KINEXON PERFORM GPS Pro

A collage of various outdoor team sports where the KINEXON Perform GPS Pro system is used, such as soccer, rugby, hockey, and lacrosse.

Top-Ranked Data Results in FIFA EPTS Testing

In 2022 during FIFA EPTS testing in Seville, this GPS wearable delivered top results above industry standard — both in localization and speed values.

A coach is looking at the KINEXON Sports app that is displaying the live performance and load management data of a soccer team during a match.

Analyze >100 Metrics Live and From All Devices

No matter where you train and play, no matter how many users need to access the data quickly: Give live access to multiple users via the cloud!

KINEXON Sports Scientists work with coaches and players to make sure they understand all of the data that is coming in and how to use the analytics the sports data provides.

Save Noticeable Time and Make The Difference!

Get all relevant performance metrics live; the readout process can wait. Turn faster insights into your competitive advantage!

How it Works

Player analysis made easy, flexible and fast:

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All Data, All Analyses, One App

KINEXON data, third-party tools and external databases: Manage all data centrally!

A banner with the logos of KINEXON, Fitogether, and FIFA, announcing their collaboration for the KINEXON Perform GPS Pro project.

Profit From a Unique Collaboration

This collaboration combines two leading products: Fitogether’s GPS wearables with the best test results in data quality, plus data processing and analysis from innovation leader KINEXON.

Fitogether and KINEXON Sports unite! With Fitogether boasting the highest number of FIFA-certified wearable systems, including three FIFA Basic and two FIFA Quality certifications, our collaboration promises to change the game. 

Trusted by 545 teams across 69 countries, Fitogether’s track record speaks volumes about its effectiveness. Join us as we redefine excellence in sports technology together.

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GPS player tracking system like KINEXON's GPS Pro can track player metrics in many outdoor sports including football, soccer, rugby, and field hockey.

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