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At events like the Handball EURO and within elite leagues like the LIQUI-MOLY Handball Bundesliga, KINEXON Sports has been at the forefront of transforming handball through cutting-edge tracking and analysis technology. 

As the global pacesetter in handball-specific live performance metrics, KINEXON Sports provides solutions for on-the-go player load monitoring and an integrated analysis of both players and the official match ball.

Trusted By Handball Teams Around the World

To get the fastest, most accurate player performance and ball movement data, the best handball teams around the world count on KINEXON Sports.

Liqui Moly Handball Bundesliga uses sports data analytics to manage the workload of players.

Revamping Handball with Our Innovative Sports Data Solutions

Our cutting-edge technology empowers elite teams and leagues with real-time data, transforming player performance and strategy. Join the handball revolution with KINEXON Sports. Elevate your game, one data point at a time.

Mobile Player Tracking

Introducing the world’s first handball-specific tracking technology. It efficiently collects crucial performance data for players in any indoor venue, providing an optimal foundation for contemporary workload management.

Application areas: Load management, performance analysis, return-to-play and more.

Tracking scope: Player
Availability: Post (Partially Live)
Coaches and Trainers
Data collection via:
Additional Data Availabilty: API

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High-End Tracking

The gold standard in handball analytics. Providing extensive live data on performance, player workload, and tactics as events unfold in real-time. We also offer an optional exclusive ball tracking feature that captures even more data.

Application areas: Performance analysis, load management, return-to-play, tactics, youth development and more.

Tracking scope: Player (Ball Optional)
Data collection via:
Additional Data Availabilty:
API and others

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Live Stats for Fans

The EHF & HBL have adopted the KINEXON ENGAGE system, which enhances the viewer’s experience by offering a distinctive and immersive live sports data, including jump height, air time, throwing speed, and acceleration.

Application areas: Social media, marketing, arena entertainment, HPI, sponsor activation and more.

Tracking scope: Ball and Player
Availability: Live or Post
Users: Coaches/​Scientists, Marketing, Media, Sponsors
Data collection via: UWB/LPS

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IMU is a cutting-edge sports technology that captures and assesses athletes' motions. It merges player tracking sensors with microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) to simultaneously measure several factors, such as acceleration, sprints, and decelerations.

The World's First Mobile Player Tracking System for Handball

As a tech partner of leading handball organizations and clubs, KINEXON Sports has the most comprehensive and highest quality handball tracking database. KINEXON PERFORM LPS pinpoints locations with unmatched accuracy, while PERFORM IMU draws on it with state-of-the-art AI (Artificial Intelligence) models. Your advantage: crucial performance and load metrics with an unsurpassed balance of effort and results.

team handball benefits from ball tracking and player tracking that collect sports data for coaches, players, fans, and even the referees to help them make the correct call every time.

Why National Coaches Trust KINEXON PERFORM IMU for Load Management

The DHB, a leading national federation, faces a unique challenge: it lacks a dedicated hall. They need a flexible and mobile solution for efficient load analysis. We sat down with the national coaches for an insightful interview, about their work processes and the solutions they seek.

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Many team handball coaches rely on sports data analytics to manage the grueling schedule for their players.

How MT Melsungen Uses Handball Analytics to Manage Load Control

MT Melsungen stands out as the pioneering club to implement the KINEXON PERFORM IMU system. The club’s head of athletics and medicine, Dr. Florian Sölter, shares his experiences with the technology. He provides insight into the analytics this premier division club uses and how it’s impacted the team.

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The Leader in Live Sports Data For Handball

KINEXON PERFORM LPS is the gold standard for handball. Providing coaches with the most reliable, precise, and versatile live-data and ball tracking available. Our system is anchored on a UWB (Ultra-Wideband) network, complimented by ultra-lightweight sensors. This combination guarantees exceptional data quality and stability​.It pinpoints locations with an accuracy to 10 cm, delivers data with a mere 20 ms latency, and provides insights in three dimensions.

Ball tracking and player tracking play a big role in collecting sports data for some of the most dominant teams in handball.

Player Tracking Changes Rhein-Neckar Löwen's Approach During Training

The athletic trainer at Rhein-Neckar Löwen has adopted advanced player tracking technology. This innovative approach serves a dual purpose: efficiently managing player loads and customizing optimal training protocols for each team member. Explore this research to understand how technology is changing the way clubs approach training methods.

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Dashboard screenshot displaying performance analytics and insights from KINEXON Perform LPS.

The Powerful Fusion of Sports Tech and Science in Dutch Women's Handball:

Since 2021, the Dutch Handball Federation used player tracking to change how the Academy handles workload, prepares for matches, and prevents injuries. Embedded Scientist Maaike Willemsen also uses the system to set specific training goals for the women’s premier team. She explains how it all comes together.

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Only KINEXON Sports Provides Ball Tracking During Games

Ready to get info on passing and shooting percentages, throwing speed, passing patterns and much more? KINEXON PERFORM LPS is the world’s only tracking system that expands to include live ball tracking. Leading professional handball manufacturers can integrate the KINEXON LPS sensor into their official game balls!

Handball tracking technology is used in game balls to collect sports data without compromising performance.

Official Game Balls With Integrated Tracking Sensor

KINEXON LPS technology, renowned for its prominence in elite sports, introduces real-time handball tracking capabilities. The ultra-light sensor is ingeniously designed to replace the ball’s valve counterweight on a 1:1 basis. This innovation maintains consistent throwing and flight dynamics of the ball, enabling accurate tracking without affecting its performance. It’s similar to the design used in footballs. You can learn more by downloading the brochure.

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The Impact of Sports Data on Load Management in Handball

Ball tracking and player tracking is becoming a big part of team handball games and leagues around the world are using the analytics in many different ways.

Optimizing Handball Player Performance Through Workload Management

This session offers a comprehensive examination of the specific load management challenges inherent to handball. Participants will gain insights into effective data-driven strategies tailored to address these challenges, and understand the pivotal role that analytics plays.

Join us for this in-depth exploration and enhance your knowledge.

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KINEXON Engage provides player tracking data for fans and media sponsors, it also can offer teams data they can share in their marketing campaigns.

Introducing the Next Generation of Fan Engagement

Experience the future of sports marketing with KINEXON ENGAGE. This platform uses live data to offer unparalleled opportunities for clubs, leagues, federations, and sponsors. The aim is to seamlessly convey performance insights to fans across all devices, bridging the gap between sports performance and fan engagement.

How the World's Best Handball League Enhances Fan Experience

The German Handball Bundesliga, recognized as a premier league in its sport, has embraced a significant innovation. With the implementation of KINEXON ENGAGE, fans are now provided with real-time live statistics. This includes insights into metrics such as throwing speed, air time, sprint velocity, jump height, and more, enhancing the fan experience and showcasing the league’s commitment to merging sports performance with fan engagement.

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iPhone X Handball Screens on social media highlight statistics that come from ball tracking data and sports analytics collected on players.

Elevate Your Fan Engagement Strategy With KINEXON Sports

Interested in enriching fan engagement using live handball data? Generic solutions won’t suffice. Partner with us to craft a tailored strategy that fits your organization’s unique needs. With KINEXON Sports, explore innovative avenues for sports marketing and fan interaction.

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Find Out Why the Future Is Now for Handball Fans

KINEXON ENGAGE creates a unique experience for your fans and sponsors by using live data to seamlessly convey performance insights across all devices, bridging the gap between sports performance and fan engagement.


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