Data driven fan engagement is used to show advanced statistics on broadcasts and in social media posts so those who love the game, understand it even more.



Let Real-Time Sports Data Boost Your Fan Engagement and Marketing Potential

Fan engagement is one of the most valuable currencies in sports these days. It’s no secret, fans want details about how their favorite athletes are performing during games. 

Sports analytics track movements, recognize game patterns, and point out tactical behaviors automatically in real-time. The tracked data can be displayed on social media channels to bring users closer to the game than ever before. 

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Here are some of the teams and leagues that are leveraging the power of real-time sports data to boost their fan engagement and marketing potential, by delivering unique and insightful data to digital media, broadcasts, in-stadium video boards, and AR/VR.

red bull teams rely on sports analytics company KINEXON to provide data.
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Liqui Moly Handball Bundesliga uses sports data analytics to manage the workload of players.
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Creating Better Experiences For People Who Love Their Teams

The Ultimate Tool for Enhancing Fan Engagement with Exclusive Data and Content

Sports data like speed and acceleration can be sent to social media channels to increase fan engagement during almost any sport.

How Live Data and Analytics Bolsters Fan Loyalty and Revenue

Live sports data and analytics are now being used to keep fans aware of how their favorite athletes are performing during a game.

Digital Twin of the Game

Only with KINEXON: Track players and ball live and accurate within a few centimeters!

Fan engagement has never been the same now that sports performance software tells them what they need to know about a player as the game is played.

Exclusive Data-Based Content

We have all the data: Share exclusive statistics live on all your channels!

From stats to metrics that help fans understand a sporting event better, sports data is changing the way fans watch.

New Viewing Experiences

Synchronize our data with AR solutions and merge sports data with video!

Fans can interact with live sports data in several ways, improving engagement and knowledge about their favorite players.

Interactive Fan Engagement

Give fans access to selected data and analytics, enabling new ways of digital interaction!

Fan loyalty evolves as more sports analytics companies add features to keep even the most casual involved with the action.

Future-Oriented Merchandising

Monetize live data with pioneering digital products — be it metaverse, NFT or what the future holds!

KINEXON Engage Transforms Handball with Live Data and Analytics

Handball is an intense team sport, but conveying its exciting athleticism to a younger audience can be a challenge. 

Watch how the live data from KINEXON Engage is not only keeping younger viewers interested, it’s changing the entire event experience for fans, journalists, coaches, and sponsors.

The Next Step: Immersive 360° Tracking in the LIQUI MOLY Handball Bundesliga

Since the 2019 – 2020 season, the movements of every professional handball player and the match ball have been tracked and shared on several channels… in real-time.

By using sports analytics for fan engagement the entire game day experience is transformed.

Together with KINEXON, we open up additional fascinating perspectives for our fans, media partners and sponsors and create new worlds of experience and innovative offers. This technology will make the extraordinary achievements of the players in the LIQUI MOLY Handball Bundesliga even more exciting, informative and valuable.”

Frank Bohmann, Managing Director of Handball-Bundesliga GmbH

How The AVP is Taking Data From The Sand to the Stands

The Ultimate Tool for Sports Fans, Media, and Sponsors

football tracker
sports performance training data is used during practices and games and can be viewed on any smart device like a laptop.

Live Performance Data

Our ultra-precise and fast UWB sensor technology captures performance data. An open interface enables you to display what’s happening in the game through TV graphics, social media and in-stadium experiences like apps and video screens in real-time.

handball is just one of the sports that is gaining popularity by using sports data to increase fan loyalty and provide unique stats during game broadcasts.

Information Processing

KINEXON ENGAGE does not end with the transmission of data. It also processes every piece of information to editorial content such as top rankings, best-of lists, benchmarking, comparison and highlights — immediately accessible during the game.

A sports data analyst sits courtside and provides stats to media members and scoreboard operators that they can share with fans in messages or social media posts.

Database Control

Last but not least, KINEXON ENGAGE also provides a database with a report of the game, event or competition. Instantly customized and branded reporting after a match, halftime and game summaries and a league-wide information platform speed up content publications.

Bringing Fans Closer to the Game Than Ever Before

Handball EURO 2024 used sports analytics in various ways to improve fan engagement.

Creating an Engaging Experience at EHF Euro 2024

KINEXON Sports has been offering insights and stats for Men’s and Women’s EHF EURO events since 2020. But gathering data through player and ball tracking goes beyond just engaging fans and providing comprehensive information.

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A sports data analyst will often be seen at games taking information that is being collected by the players' wearables and turning it into insights for fans.

Providing a New View of the Game For Handball Bundesliga Fans

A new era is unfolding in handball. Live data is playing a crucial role in uncovering stories in the Handball Bundesliga. Sports data journalist Lara Kellermann is helping fans see the game like they have never seen it before. 

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Ball tracking data is now spreading from the sidelines to the stands so fans can get a sense of how fast it's moving or if the referees made a correct call on the pitch.

Connected Ball Technology Adds to Fan Experience

Ball tracking is changing everything you thought you knew about soccer. From player performance to training methods, refereeing, and even the fan experience. Every facet of the game is getting a whole new look.

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