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Performance, Security, Entertainment: German Professional Basketball Relies on Real-Time Technology

Both, the league itself and the top clubs of the easycredit Basketball Bundesliga, work with KINEXON. The areas of application for the UWB-based real-time technology range from the court, via video boards, online media, the weight room to the entire arena.

Real-time sports technology from KINEXON plays an increasingly important role in German professional basketball. While 75% of the NBA franchises already use KINEXON technology in training, the German league is breaking new ground:

Besides clubs, the league also relies on KINEXON technology. New smart applications for employee protection, fan experience and coaching are being developed.

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The German easycredit Basketball Bundesliga (BBL) is one of the five best basketball leagues in Europe. With nine and eight championship titles, Brose Bamberg and Alba Berlin are among the most successful clubs in the country. FC Bayern Munich Basketball, back in the first division since 2011, also made it to the top group of the league with championship titles in 2014, 2018 and 2019. All four organizations rely — in different areas — on KINEXON technology.


Data Protection-Compliant Contact Tracing

As the world’s first top basketball league, the easycredit Basketball Bundesliga dared to make a new start in June 2020 during the ongoing coronavirus crisis. The sophisticated hygiene concept was based on a tournament mode including hotel quarantine for all participants. With KINEXON SafeZone the concept could be realized efficiently and comfortably.


Ultra-Precise Performance Data in Record Time

Alba Berlin, Brose Bamberg and FC Bayern Basketball use KINEXON PERFORM to record the performance and workload of their professional players in training sessions and games at home in real time. On tablets, coaches keep track of all data. They react to abnormalities, lead injured players to recovery, develop junior players, and reduce the risk of overload.


Exclusive Data Insights For a New Fan Experience

Spectators also benefit from the digital change in basketball: Brose Bamberg shares selected performance data such as jumping height, distance run or sprint speed with its fans. Since 2019, game information that was previously inaccessible has been published via video boards and social media. Further creative measures for fans are to follow.


That's what's behind:

KINEXON SafeZone: The Wearable That Helped the BBL to Restart During COVID-19

Ten teams, two weeks, one venue, and one hotel where all players and coaches are accommodated — this is the framework of the hygiene concept with which the easycredit Basketball Bundesliga 2020 ventured to be the first basketball league in the world to make a fresh start amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The two most urgent questions: How can all persons in the common hotel be protected quickly if a COVID-19 infection occurs? And how is it possible without tracking people?

Tracing Chains of Infection Quickly, Reliably and Data-Protection Complaint

With KINEXON SafeZone, the BBL relied on an efficient and at the same time data-protection compliant digital solution for so-called contact tracing”, which already got a great media response.

A small, so-called SafeTag” sensor is worn on the wrist and anonymously records personal contacts. In the worst case, contacts can be clearly traced — without violating its carrier’s privacy.


KINEXON PERFORM: Real-Time Performance Data That Makes the Difference for Alba, Bamberg and FC Bayern

Short, intensive loads and a tight schedules are extreme stresses for players of German top clubs. In addition: With only five players on the floor, a drop in performance of a single player can decide the outcome of a game.

In this high-speed sport, coaches work with real-time performance data to respond immediately to the players’ physical capacity, workload and performance. With KINEXON PERFORM, KINEXON is the market leader in professional basketball.


Training Analysis With More Than 180 Metrics

Athletics coach Pepe Silva Moreno of Alba Berlin is one of the biggest advocates of data-based training. The decisive factors for him: simple operation, reliability and high data accuracy.

Game Analysis With Real-Time Performance Data

Even during the game the view on the screen has become standard. Managing directors like Arne Dirks of Brose Bamberg do not only see advantages for match analysis. Stress-related injuries are also meant to be reduced.

Mobile Data Recording - at Home and Away

Through BBL, Euroleague, National Cup and national duties, the teams are on the road almost every week. Being able to collect performance data on the road — and thus without gaps — offers unmatched added value to athletics coaches like Christian Verona of FC Bayern Basketball.

Seamless Data Management Thanks to 360 Degree Connectivity

There are many data sources, but processing and analysis must be fast and easy. In this case, KINEXON offers the proven solution. For the three German top teams the versatile KINEXON application serves as their central go-to-platform.

KINEXON EXPERIENCE: A New Live Fan Experience

Engaged fans not only inspire athletes to reach a new level of performance, they also drive revenue for sports entities. New entertainment and marketing formats are therefore highly competitive. With KINEXON EXPERIENCE, clubs receive a digital tool to communicate their sporting performance on all screens and devices — as fast, informative and entertaining as ever before.

Especially in times of COVID-19, when fans are excluded from the live experience, new digital stimuli inspire and bind viewers and sponsors. In 2019, Brose Bamberg was one of the first clubs to take this step.


The amount of information that we get through KINEXON is something that for sure in the future we will use in the future. Also to supply our fans with important data — especially during the game. And I think, down the line, this is something that is going to be very interesting for our sponsors, too.”

Marko Pešić (Managing Director of FC Bayern Munich Basketball)

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New times have come in professional basketball. With KINEXON, the German BBL and its top clubs rely on a technology that pays off in several areas and paves the way to the digital future.

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