LIQUI MOLY Handball-Bundesliga


Welcome to the Handball League of the Future!

The strongest handball league in the world tracks all matches with KINEXON and makes the data available to clubs in real time. Read about how this trendsetting concept revolutionizes league marketing and takes the sport to a new level!

Years ago, in sports, we wondered why we needed slow motion. We are convinced that real-time data acquisition, as we do, will also become a new standard!”

Frank Bohmann (Managing Director, LIQUI MOLY Handball-Bundesliga)

About the League

The Handball-Bundesliga GmbH, which the 36 clubs of the LIQUI MOLY Handball-Bundesliga (LIQUI MOLY HBL) and the 2nd Handball Bundesliga belong to, is responsible for the organization and marketing efforts of the national professional handball team at home and abroad. The media partnership with Sky Deutschland, ARD and ZDF guarantees a comprehensive media presence. Sky shows all 306 season games on pay and free TV, with ARD showing selected games live. On the international market, 102 matches are currently shown live. 

The Challenge

Experiencing handball in an enhanced way — that’s the goal LIQUI MOLY HBL has set for itself. Whether it be fans, clubs, sponsors or media — everyone should experience the players’ performance more closely than ever before. After all, that’s exactly what makes the league what it is: the strongest handball league in the world.

The Solution

KINEXON collects all movement and performance data from almost 400 players at all official LIQUI MOLY HBL games — and in some games even the ball. While the coach and league use real-time data, sponsors, media and fans receive selected live statistics as well

The Result

Always at the forefront: By providing valid live data, LIQUI MOLY HBL is playing a pioneering role in its sport. Together with KINEXON, it is creating a new sports experience for all stakeholders — from a new way of controlling training and live reporting to fan activation and match observation.

Facts and Figures

324 players, 311 games, 23 arenas…

One Solution - Several Winners

With the installation of KINEXON tracking technology in the halls, LIQUI MOLY HBL provides a central data infrastructure. In this way, it retains control over data use and marketing. And all partners benefit in their own way:

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