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Reliable Live Position Data Sets the Stage for a New World of Creative Special Effects

KINEXON ENTERTAIN provides event technicians and planners with real-time position data. With these, audio, light and video can be controlled and automated live, making completely new creative visions a reality. And that under all conditions — indoor as well as outdoor.


Thanks to our versatile and stable UWB sensor technology, KINEXON ENTERTAIN can locate all objects and actors of events and shows in real time and link them to control technologies without limits.

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Light, sound and effects can thus be monitored, controlled and even automated live at events of all kinds. Thanks to open interfaces, there are no limits to creative use.

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Artists or stage elements are equipped with a small, inconspicuous KINEXON sensor. The exact position is transmitted in real time and used via a zeroMQ interface for automatic control of lights, cameras, video and audio.


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Precise position data through our radio-based real-time locating system (RLTS) with an accuracy of +/- 8 cm and an orientation of +/- 5°.

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Easy setup in all environments and status control via the KINEXON Control Center. A mobile system allows installation and control even in complex surroundings.


Robust sensors for indoor and outdoor use. Subsections can be synchronized to 50 ms. Tested and established with over 100 customers from sports and industry.


Thanks to its flexibility and reliability, KINEXON ENTERTAIN is not only used at concerts, but also at trade fairs, road shows and events of all kinds. Frequent areas of application are:

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KINEXON delivers real-time data for digital enhancement and automated camera control.

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