KINEXON Upgrades GPS Player Tracking to Become First Automated and Wireless Solution

The GPS-based player tracking system for professional outdoor teams, KINEXON PERFORM GPS Pro, gets a groundbreaking update that will enable coaches to save precious time as it becomes fully wireless and automated. 

MunichMay 02, 2024

Munich — It’s a breakthrough in usability and convenience for coaches. Until today, collecting player data has always required several manual steps. Too much position and movement data had to be collected, calculated into metrics, and made available for analysis. 

The developers at KINEXON Sports have now succeeded in shortening this workflow for coaches to the absolute minimum. Instead of manually connecting, reading out data, and downloading the evaluations, coaches only have to start and stop the session in the KINEXON Sports app. 

All manual steps are automated and no longer require cables. A so-called autopilot” upgrade makes automated and wireless player tracking possible.

Sports scientists are becoming a part of the coaching staff in many sports from football, basketball, and volleyball, to soccer, handball, and ice hockey.

We’ve streamlined a process that removes the need for manual tasks. The data can be effortlessly pushed directly there by simply connecting sensors to the cloud through an existing Wi-Fi network.”

René Prüßner, Head of Product Marketing and Strategy at KINEXON Sports

Unique Advantage for Users Enabled

Athletic coaches of football and soccer teams will benefit from the upgrade during every training session. The switch to a wireless, automated workflow means:

  • 20 – 30 minutes saved due to the elimination of manual operational tasks
  • Automatic access to all live performance metrics plus position and raw data
  • Flexible management of all sensors and data from anywhere
A coach sets up a football GPS tracker to monitor players at a practice, but it can also be used during a game to collect real-time sports data on players..

Coaches Save Time to Focus on Players

Connecting wearable devices before training, reading out the data after a session, uploading and processing it through the cloud — all these steps have been time-consuming and error-prone. Coaches are under constant time constraints and need reliable data everywhere and at all times.

For this reason, it’s a relief for coaches to be able to skip all manual steps in the data collection process. 

The time coaches gain, especially after training, can be used directly for work and discussions with the players. These opportunities are few and far between in the tight schedules coaches function within. 

Data Quality is Best - And Gets Better

Since its debut last year, KINEXON PERFORM GPS Pro has consistently delivered the best live data quality in the world, as demonstrated by its performance in FIFA EPTS tests. What sets it apart? Offering over 100 live metrics, it stands unrivaled in real-time data provision among GPS player tracking systems. 

In addition to standard metrics such as speed, load and distance, PERFORM GPS Pro offers advanced metrics such as relative speed zone entries, detailed event analysis of accelerations, decelerations, repeated sprints, and more. 

Many coaches want to compare the metrics of individual repetitions live, for example. Many systems fail to do this. We also enable these granular analyses,” explains René Prüßner. 

Thanks to the Autopilot’ upgrade, the raw data is automatically uploaded to the cloud after each session.“Other systems don’t transmit the raw data. Yet, precisely this data opens the full spectrum of detailed data analysis to users,” adds Prüßner.

Only Option For Full Mobility

Breaking free from the constraints of traditional systems, all data is securely stored in the AWS cloud, which boosts mobility and simplifies use in the field. From start to finish, coaches can now rely on a completely hands-free GPS tracking experience. 

There are countless moments for coaches in which a sensor needs to be switched off, another sensor needs to be added, or the heart rate needs to be subsequently connected via Bluetooth. More and more staff are also interested in training data. Controlling this remotely and wirelessly via the app makes our customers’ work more mobile and enjoyable.”

René Prüßner, Head of Product Marketing and Strategy at KINEXON Sports

"Autopilot" Upgrade Is Available Now

The automated and wireless workflow will be part of the GPS product KINEXON PERFORM GPS Pro by default and is available immediately. New customers will receive the system directly with the upgrade.

Good News for Pre-Season Preparation

Delivery for the 2024 pre-season can be guaranteed until further notice. Customers are required to contact the sales team now.

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